Case Studies

Case Studies

Showcasing how companies have used CAPEX Human Capital to transform their business.

We’re delighted to provide just a few examples of our ability to support interim change management across industry sectors.

IT Change & Integration

An international bank was considering the replacement of their platform for credit card delivery with an improved system offered by an outside contractor. A study was required to prepare a business case for the change, to identify the impact on operations and to determine the extent of the necessary IT modification. CAPEX Human Capital proposed a candidate with twenty years experience in programme and project management at a level of complexity matching the task. The candidate was accustomed to acting as the liaison between IT and the business, and had in the past demonstrated the ability to explain, shape and deliver projects that effected strategic change.

Result:Within one week, the client interviewed and confirmed the CAPEX Human Capital recommendation and the candidate was promptly hired. Under the candidate's management, the platform was subjected to business and operational feasibility as well as risk assessment, leading to approval of the project by the bank executive, with a budget of £32 million. The project was subsequently accelerated and delivered within two years.

IT Migration and Innovation

A gambling and gaming company with international reach, and backed by a major private equity investor, proposed to relocate to Gibraltar as part of a business plan intended to regain recent losses in market share. The existing IT infrastructure was to migrate off-shore, and at the same time the system was to be re-engineered to expand the company's core products. In addition, customers were to be offered the new range of betting and gaming products through on-line and mobile applications, with customers' funds consolidated into one account for all purposes or 'single wallet'. The company recognised that the programme was beyond the capacity of their management and staff, thus invited a proposal from CAPEX Human Capital.

Result:We responded with a team of experienced specialists, available immediately and as required: Business Analysts, Project Managers, IT specialists, PMO, Marketing specialists and HR Managers. A detailed three thousand step procedure through to implementation was developed with a budget of £34 million. Delivery began on schedule with the introduction of the online casino site, followed by the migration of the online bingo site carrying 1.2 million customers. With the subsequent launch of the Sports Book site, networked into more than 1,000 betting shops across the UK, the business plan was completed on time and on budget, with the client quickly achieving customer numbers and market advantage in excess of expectations.

Business and IT Change

To increase market share, a building society were to change their operation to offer mortgages on-line, complying with financial conduct regulations as well as the current requirements of the Mortgage Market Review. The application experience was to also be as flexible as a personal interview, the treatment of customers had to be exemplary, and a decision on the loan was tasked to be reached within 24 hours. An interim team was required to design and implement the IT changes, consisting of a Programme Manager, a Business Analyst, a Compliance Technician, and a Technical Project Manager to take charge of the design of the website.

Result: Within one week we had shortlisted and placed an experienced team of four professionals with deep knowledge of both the Finance and specifically Mortgage sector and market leading CRM applications. The project was completed on time and within budget. Our specialists received outstanding references for their work.

Digital Transformation

Two regional financial services organisations were merged. Incompatible IT systems were to be migrated into a single operating structure while at the same time customer resources available on-line were to be expanded. Every precaution was to be taken against loss of data and interruption to customer service. Full compliance with industry regulations is imperative. A temporary Programme Manager at CIO level was required together with an experienced team for technical and implementation support.

Result: CAPEX Human Capital consultants engaged with our unique network and shortlisted a team experienced in merging big data in a highly regulated Financial Services environment. The team stayed with the project through extended client requirements to successful completion of all aspects.


A logistics company outgrew their distribution centre and planned to move into larger premises. At the same time the IT system was to be updated and expanded. The key requirement was to avoid any interruption to logistical delivery services which operated 24 hours per day. A senior Project Manager was required together with a Target Operating Model Specialist to design the new system, determine the migration steps and specify the hardware. An Implementation Manager was required later in the process, supported by experienced technicians to fulfil the programme.

Result: An experienced team of technical experts were placed who had completed complex IT change projects in the logistics sector. This team were able to fully understand and support the business challenges and objectives, whilst delivering the required change program on time and within budget.

Breach of Regulations and Compliance

A chain of frozen food outlets had been cited by the H&S Inspectorate for inadequate and inconsistent refrigeration. An urgent response was required to the crisis to avoid closures, penalties and a threat to customer health. A Solutions Architect was required the next day to design a control and monitoring system for the refrigerators that reports from the stores to head office. Support was then required from implementation experts. A Test Manager was then follow to install and activate the control system.

Result: Within 24 hours, our team sourced and placed a Solutions Architect with experience in Compliance & Regulations within the Food & Beverage sector. This expert quickly resolved the immediate failures and implemented systems and procedures ensuring ongoing Regulatory Compliance. Their work enabled the client to continue trading operations with suppliers and customers with no loss of clients, supplier or product.

Critical Solutions

A large financial institution was losing control of mounting claims for overtime. No system was in place to check and assess the substantial figures involved. A Business Analyst was required to determine a process for claims, followed by a Technical Project Manager with further technical support to implement the resulting changes to the IT.

Result: We shortlisted Business Analysts with systems experience in workforce management and planning. The hired Technical Project Manager had just completed a similar project for another Financial client of CAPEX Human Capital and seamlessly slotted in to implement the changes. All work was completed on time and within budget.

Business Agility

A corporate take-over and amalgamation was underway. Without notice, one of the senior managers in the target company left the bsuiness. In the middle of the difficult integration process, management did not have the time or the concentration required to make a permanent appointment to fill the empty post. A short term CEO or CTO with the right experience was required immediately, to play a key role in the successful merger process.

Result: Within 3 days, CAPEX Human Capital provided a shortlist of experienced interim CEO/CTOs. The clients board met the candidates and said they were happy to hire anyone of three of the individuals shortlisted. They opted for a candidate who had deep experience as an interim CTO in corporate merger environments.

Cost Optimisation

Two retailers were to merge. The consolidated management was seeking an independent review of costs and procurement practices as the operations amalgamate. Choices were to be made between different existing suppliers, from furniture to printing, including overlapping outside professional services and conflicting store locations. CAPEX Human Capital sourced the right team ready for immediate deployment: a retail Purchasing and Procurement Manager, and experienced Business Analysts.

Result: We shortlisted three Retail sector experts. These individuals were all known of by the client's board from their success in delivering turn-around and positive strategic change for renowned organisations in the Retail sector.

We met these challenges and more, by drawing on our experience and our human capital to deliver the right solution for your business.